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RS485 Control Signal Surge Protector USP201RS485
USP201RS485 is surge protection device for single-route RS485 signal, which is refer to IEC61643-21. The default working voltage is 5V, while the max sustaining working voltage is 6V. The voltage protection is less than 20V, advantages are multi-level protection, larger flow capacity, low voltagelimitation, quick response, high transmission rate, and so on. It is suitable to be used for protection in the following fields, such as network for industry control, RS422/485 interface, special line, automatic control and instruments connection, digital cable, telephone, fax and so on. And also it..

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UTP3-SW08-TP120-A1 POE Switch CCTV  8 ports 10/100Mbps POE + 2 Ports Gigabit
Tải về: Datasheet | Manual | Driver | Firmware | Utility UTP3-SW08-TP120-A1 with 8 downlink PoE ports and double 1000Mbps uplink ports is a security surveillance Ethernet Switch which is applicated in Ethernet high definition surveillance and security system. The product fully combines the characteristics of security surveillance, provides fast packet forwarding rate and up to 7G backplane bandwidth, which ensures clear image and fluent video transmission. Besides, the 8 downlink PoE ports support IEEE802.3af/at standard, and the double 1000Mbps uplink ports are reliable assur..

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UTP3-SW16-TP300 POE Switch CCTV 16 ports 10/100Mbps POE + 2 Ports Gigabit
Tải về: Datasheet | Manual | Driver | Firmware | Utility UTP3-SW16-TP300 is a 16-port managed PoE switch, which provides 16x 100Mbps downlink PoE ports, supports IEEE802.3 af/at and 2x 1000Mpbs uplink Ethernet ports. It supports Layer 2 network management and PoE management based on web and provides high-speed data forwarding. It is widely used in security surveillance, network engineering projects and so on.            FEATURES   ◆ RJ45 Ports with 30u Gold-plated Flattened Pins ..

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Video - Control Signal and Power Surge Protector USP201PVD220
USP201PVD220 is a standard video, power, control signal surge protector designed according to GB/T18802.21-2004/IEC61643-21:2000. The device features multi-level protection, large max discharge current, low limiting voltage, quick reacting time, low inserting loss etc.. It's widely used in monitoring system video, power and control signal overload protection. Protect it from induce overvoltage, switching overvoltage and ESD. It's widely used in CCTV project and Environment Surveillance system. Tải về: Datasheet | Manual | Driver | Firmware | Utility ● Standard: IEC6164..

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